AJ Maguire


Persona, A.J. Maguire's first historical fiction, is available here on Amazon.  


The truth was, Megan Shepherd didn't want to get married; at least, she didn't want to get married to Joe Harting. Running off to help the war effort was just a convenient excuse not to stay in her home town and listen to the gossipers whisper as she walked by. But when her ship is sunk in the Atlantic, Megan finds her talent with the German language is the only thing that can keep her alive.

Armed with an elaborate persona and a flimsy handle of her own courage, Megan manages to win over the authorities closest to her. When she comes home to find Sam Layton, an escaped POW, hiding in her bathroom Megan discovers that there is more strength in her than she ever imagined.

As the Allied Advance begins to box in the Third Reich, Megan and Sam make a mad dash for the Swiss border. But the truth never stays buried for long and those Megan has tricked are out for vengeance.

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